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Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric company is one of very important manufacturers of not only industrial automation worldwide. On the European market is however present with product portfolio mainly in electrical drives, process instrumentation, operator panels and power semiconductors. Diverse other products are on demand available as spare parts.

Since nearly 30 years, Amtek company has been an authorized distributor of Fuji Electric for the Czech and Slovak markets.

Basic characteristic of the Fuji Electric offer for our teritory is a slogan "japanese quality & european ingenuity". There are many good vendors of industrial automation products. Not many of them can, however, compete with reclaims under 1‰ statistically - for this, a japanese quality focus is needed. On the other hand, Fuji Electric European daughter companies are entrusted to care about markets with different needs than in Japan and Asia. Therefore they have power enough to own development and enforcement of European customers' needs.

Have a look at the offer of Fuji Electric as well as technical and sales support of Amtek company!